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3D Virtual World FREE TO PLAY

AviWorlds is a virtual reality world platform created and hosted by Avi-Labs.
Residents can find new friends, love, build, create fantasies and do pretty much everything people do in the real world.
AviWorlds is not considered a game because it does not require the players to move up levels like in a game.

Who We Are

AviWorlds has never given up and to this day have the spark and flame that fires us to continue this project. Many Hardships along the way we underwent but with it all we have learned much more. After all we all grow and learn together. AviWorlds Future holds many great things.. We have some new plans in the works and are always improving on our code.. AviWorlds now has A new Owner and with that comes new talent. We are pleased to say That Josh Boam is the CEO and owner of the grid. His experience in running open simulator and the code that goes with it dates back to 2010.

A Message From Josh Boam

AviWorlds Means alot to me.. Over the years I have helped AviWorlds. I have a great passion for AviWorlds.. Something about the name gets me.. I Love working with Virtual Worlds and Open simulator… Databases and other fun stuff that goes along with running a grid.. I plan to not only keep AviWorlds online. But to improve what we have now.. Backing Up the grid is one of my top priority’s… Keeping your content safe and accessible.. Please feel free to message if you have any questions to support at


Virtual World Hosting Company Best Prices!

Hosting Services

We offer full-blown grid setups as well as private grid setups, money servers, and more. All of our services are upgradeable, and we have many options to choose from.

Our region packages start at $12.50 for a pack of five regions, scaling upwards to packages with 20 regions. We also provide numerous plug-ins for OpenSim, including a money server that enables transactional history, allowing you to buy and sell land in-world and create an economy. This system is compatible with Podex or Gloebits.

Additional Included Services:

Web Search: Our web search functionality allows users to view items in your grid from a website, and it works in-game as well. It supports classifieds and enhances the user experience in-world.

Custom Region Map Placement: Our system allows users to fine-tune where they would like to place their new region, eliminating the hassle of finding a free location. Effortlessly find your perfect location for your region every time!

Custom Splash Page: This page features a slideshow where you can load all your favorite pictures. It also includes grid statistics, region information, and a list of starter regions for users who may have difficulty accessing the world.

Registration Site: All our grid packages include a registration site.

Private Servers:

If you own a grid package, you can order private servers from us. We offer three different options to suit various needs, with competitive pricing starting at $80 per private server. Each server includes:

  • 16GB RAM
  • 200GB SSD M.2 NVMe
  • Network 1Gbps/1Gbps Unlimited
  • Backups Included
  • Root Access
Experience and Reliability:

With over 10 years of experience in OpenSim development and server management, our team is equipped to provide you with the best experience for you, your potential customers, and the growth of your grid.

Backup Systems:

Backups are a major priority for any business. All of our grid packages come with an automated backup system. Unlike other hosting providers, we allow root login so users can make changes to their grid if they choose.

More about specializes in providing hosting solutions for OpenSim virtual worlds. We offer reliable and affordable hosting options for users who want to create and run their own virtual environments using the OpenSim platform.

Our services include:

  • A range of hosting plans to cater to different needs and budgets.
  • Unlimited regions, custom domains, and support for popular scripting languages like OSSL and LSL.
  • Full control over the OpenSim server software, allowing customization and management of virtual environments to suit your needs.

In addition to hosting services, provides support and resources for users new to OpenSim or virtual world hosting. Our service includes a user-friendly control panel, easy-to-follow documentation, and a dedicated support team ready to assist with any issues or questions.

We offer free migration assistance for users moving their virtual environments from another hosting provider to, ensuring a seamless transition and minimal downtime.

Overall, is a reliable and affordable hosting solution for OpenSim virtual worlds. With a range of hosting plans and comprehensive support and resources, it is a great choice for users looking to create and run their own virtual environments with the OpenSim platform.


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We have some simple mods in place for protection.

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