Below is the video on how to setup WIFI

Below is the added code that you will need to place into your RobustHG.ini


  • ;This section below you place under the Servicelist section of the RobustHG.ini anyplace

WifiServerConnector = “${Const|PublicPort}/Diva.Wifi.dll:WifiServerConnector”

  • ;This Section below you place at the bottom of the RobustHG.ini file

GridName = SkyLifeGrid”
LoginURL = “http://tutorial.skylifegrid.com:5005”
WebAddress = “http://tutorial.skylifegrid.com:5005”

;; The Wifi Administrator account
AdminFirst = “Tutorial”
AdminLast = “admin”
AdminEmail = “[email protected]

;; Do you want to be able to control grid registrations?
AccountConfirmationRequired = false

;; Default avatars for new account registration
;; Syntax: AvatarAccount_<AvatarType> = “<FirstName> <LastName>”
;; Appearance and attachments are copied from avatar <FirstName> <LastName>.
AvatarAccount_Female = “Female Avatar”
AvatarAccount_Male = “Male Avatar”
AvatarAccount_Neutral = “Neutral Avatar”

;; Preselection for default avatar in new account registration
AvatarPreselection = “Neutral”

;; Variables for your mail server
;; Users will get email notifications from this account.
SmtpHost = “smtp.gmail.com”
SmtpPort = “587”
SmtpUsername = “your email”
SmtpPassword = “yourpass



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