3D Maptiles


Below is the video on how to setup 3D Maptiles


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Place the section Below Under your Opensim.ini  Under [MAP]

Save and restart your simulator and you will have 3D Maptiles

WorldMapModule = “WorldMap”
MapImageModule = “Warp3DImageModule”

;; World map blacklist timeout in seconds
;BlacklistTimeout = 600

;; Set to false to not generate any maptiles
GenerateMaptiles = true

;; Refresh (in seconds) the map tile periodically
MaptileRefresh = 0

;; If not generating maptiles, use this static texture asset ID
;MaptileStaticUUID = “00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000”

;; Draw objects on maptile. This step might take a long time if you’ve got a large number of
;; objects, so you can turn it off here if you’d like.
DrawPrimOnMapTile = true

;; Use terrain texture for maptiles if true, use shaded green if false
TextureOnMapTile = true

;; (this is by default set in either StandAloneCommon.ini or GridCommon.ini,
;; can [should be, IMO] be set here with rest of map stuff)
;; Directory for map tile images of remote regions
MapTileDirectory = “./maptiles”